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guson in 2014. The New York Times said that Gray had become the nation's latest symbol of police brutality in an April 28 story. (edition.cnn.com, April 29, 2015; www.bbc.com, May 5, 2015; baltimore.cbslocal.com, April 27, 2015; www▓.nytimes.com, April 27 and 28, 2015) Acc▓ording to The Washington Post website, poli▓ce fatally shot 965 people in 2015 as of Dece

mber 24, 2015, including 36 unarmed African-Americans (www.washingto▓npost.com, December 24, 2015). The CBS News-New York Time▓s pol

l released on May 4, 2015 showed that 79 percent o▓f African-Am

ericans believed police were mor▓e likely to use deadly force against a black person than against a white person, and black respondents were more likely than whi

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